Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Review: Nature's Gate Hemp Nourishing Conditioner

I think I've mentioned before that I have dry, frizzy hair, so every time I see a product that claims to be able to help, I always seem to end up trying it. I've been looking for that holy grail product for a very long time.
Nature's Gate Hemp Nourishing Conditioner comes awfully close to the holy grail. I really like it. It doesn't seem to have much of a scent at all, and if it didn't list fragrance in the ingredients I'd be prepared to believe that it was unscented. It mostly smells wholesome if that's even a smell - like a generic, but not unpleasant, natural product. Perhaps a very faint floral - or is it citrus - smell. It's hard to identify. It has a great, thick consistency - just as I like a conditioner to be. More importantly, it has left my hair very soft and nourished. I mean, OK, I could get slightly better results to start with if I used Pantene, but as that leaves a deposit on your hair eventually I would have to stop using it anyway. I am more than satisfied with the results I am getting from the Nature's Gate.
It's quite reasonably priced - I think I paid around $4.99 for this, for 18 ounces, which compares very favorably with the usual organic conditioners which are about $8 for 8 ounces. However, therein lies the rub - this isn't organic. It's mostly natural, doesn't have any parabens or other nasty chemicals that I can see, and contains lots of oils and herbs. But not an organic one among them, it seems, which presumably explains the price. I think I will keep buying it, though, and use it in rotation with some of the organic products, just to try to keep costs down.
Four stars. It would have been higher if only it was organic.


Lisa said...

After you gave the J/A/S/O/N aloe vera moisturizer such a glowing review, I decided to try their aloe vera conditioner (after trying many other natural/organic brands and them not working out). I love it -- it doesn't seem to "coat" my hair like my old Herbal Essences, it almost seems like a moisturizer for my hair -- like the conditioner actually soaks in. Anyway, I have dry, frizzy hair too, so I wanted to pass this on. I will try the Nature's Gate one too, when I want to change it up a little.

Solitaire said...

Thanks Lisa - I'll have to try that one too!