Thursday, November 20, 2008

Review: Alba Botanica Pineapple Quench Lip Balm

If you were to dredge through my various handbags, work bags, cosmetic baskets, and cabinets, you would get the distinct impression that I am a lip balm fiend. I have many, many of the little buggers. But the actual truth is that I am often tempted by a cheap, shiny, new little stick of potential heaven, and then I am often sadly disappointed when I go to use it. Sometimes they are too greasy, sometimes sticky, sometimes the stick breaks when I go to apply it. Sometimes they are OK but just don't live up to the hype. Sometimes they start out well but then the texture breaks down over time.

But there is one lip balm that I reach for again and again, and has a fairly permanent place in my most-used bag. And that is Alba's Pineapple Quench lip balm. It's not colored, it's nothing fancy, it doesn't taste (or smell) too pineapple-y. It has nothing really to mark it out as being a winner. And yet, it works for me, and somehow I find myself reaching for it in preference to most other balms in my collection. It goes on smoothly, it is not too greasy, and it keeps my lips moisturized for a long time when the weather turns cooler. 

It's about $3.49 and lasts a good long time. I think I might stick my neck out and give it 5 stars.


Sam said...

How does it stand up to Burt's Bees? I'm a huge BB lip balm fan- I keep one in my purse, one on my coffee table, one in my bathroom, one next to my bed, etc. I think I may have a problem. You should see me freak out when I can't find any and my lips are dry. I need a life.

armywife19k said...

Sam, I tried BB lip balms but they (along with almost every other balm I've ever tried) make my lips peel after a couple of days of use. So I tried the Alba Pineapple Quench, and LOVED it!! My only complaint is that after using for a few weeks, if it was exposed to heat for a while (like sitting in my car, or even in the bathroom where it gets steamy from showers), it's consistency changed from smooth, creamy balm to chunky, irritating clumps. The flavor stayed the same but the whole purpose of the balm was defeated because it stopped moisturizing! I have settled on Palmer's cocoa butter stick for now, which is not very "green" but SUPER moisturizing and smells slightly like chocolate. Can't go wrong there!