Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shopping Report: Walmart

It's been a while since I was in Walmart but I was there today and my eye was drawn by a large display area with colorful t-shirts and other basics at pretty great prices. So I picked one up, thinking I might allow myself a non-organic purchase but when I looked at the back of the packet I was stunned that they were all organic cotton.

Be still my beating heart! 

I couldn't snap things up quick enough. In fact, I may have to go back to get more.  They're all made out of thin t-shirt fabric, some with an interesting knit, some a standard jersey knit.  I don't think the dyes used are eco-friendly but I just think it's such a game changer to be able to get organic cotton at reasonable prices so I think it's a great, great first step.

They do have a chemical/plastic odor when first removed from their bags (which are ziploc-type bags so they can be reused). I can't tell if that is from the plastic bag, or from the item itself. If you're very chemically sensitive, you might want to skip these, but for the rest of us hopefully one wash will take care of that issue. Be careful if it looks like something has been replaced in the bag - I just opened one of them to find it was the wrong size - typical Walmart. The tops seem roomy, the pants seem snug, but that could be due to the enormous size of my backside.

Bags and scarves are $5, tanks are $6, t-shirts are $7 or $8, and the pants are $9. They are labeled Seed Supply Co. and have various countries of origin.

Get some before they run out! Get some to tell the big suppliers that organic cotton is the way of the future! Get some because they are amazing prices!

Can you tell I'm excited?


Stephanie said...



*whines* That goes against everything I STAND for!!


Deb said...

Interesting. I might have to break my superevil mart rule and check out that bag. Does it look like it might make a good reusable grocery bag?

ok, ok, I admit that I shop at Sam's but our WM is just crazy normally.

Thanks for sharing!

Melina said...

Thank you so much for sharing your shopping experiences at WalMart.

Roxana said...

WOW, what a paradigm shift. I don't know if I would bring myself to actually step into a Walmart, but, it's pretty darn cool.