Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions for 2009

Another year is nearly upon us. And I'm often still saddened at how often organic and/or natural products are inaccessible or too expensive for most of us. I read various "green" websites and always get that sinking feeling in my stomach when they are recommending a $90 face cream, or $45 underwear. Having said that, buying an expensive item is not necessarily going to be off the radar. One thing I am going to try to do this year is to really think about what I am buying, and perhaps spend a bit more. Especially on clothing. So here are my green New Year's Resolutions:

1. Only buy ethical clothing. This may be organic, fair trade, US-made, vintage and/or recycled. I am definitely caught too often by the allure of low priced non-organic clothing that is produced in the far east. Is this doing anyone much good? Even if the jobs are good for the workers, they are paid minimal wages, and have to deal with all the chemicals that the fabrics are processed with. This will involve spending more per item, but hopefully it will be a frugal choice over all because I will buy fewer items. That's the plan anyway.

2. Cut out some of my non eco-friendly hold-out habits, provided I can find good alternatives. Swiffer sweeper, I'm looking at you. And little plastic disposable flossers. And not always having a reusable bag in my purse for those impromptu purchases. And I'm sure there are many others.

3. Stop frivolous purchases of "stuff" that I just don't need. Just because something is cute, and on sale, does not make it good for the planet. I resolve to go home, research it on the interweb, look in the house to see if I already own something similar, and then buy it only if I still want it after that.

4. Keep up with the reviews. Sorry I have been slacking a bit of late - I will try to do a minimum of one per week, if not more.

5. Learn how to make at least one "green" thing from scratch, and then make and use it regularly. This might be exfoliator, or a cleaning product, or even bread.

What are you going to do to go more green this year? Any tips or hints that I should adopt too?


Almamay said...

Happy New Year!
Great idea. Especially loving the one where you make your own green items.

BrioII said...

For a "green" dental floss holder, visit These Gripit Floss Holders come with 50 yards of floss that can be refilled from local drug and grocery stores. The holder itself lasts a lifetime, so it is truly a green product. I know, I've been using one for 35 years.

armywife19k said...

Great resolutions, and I am a first time visitor to this site and an instant fan! If you want to make your own facial exfoliator, here's what I do:
Since I have organic rolled oats on hand for oatmeal and cookies, I put a small resealable tub of them under my bathroom sink to use as a once-a-week mask/exfoliant. Before showering, I moisten about a 1/4 cup of the oats in my palm with almost-hot water, let them warm and soften for a few seconds, then apply like a scrub/mask to my face, avoiding my eyes and hairline. (Stuck-on oatmeal in your hair is NOT attractive in meetings later in the day!) Then I do whatever I usually do for a few minutes, letting them dry a bit, and hop into the shower to rinse. My face ends up softer, brighter, and smoother than before, and I feel like a genius for getting pretty for practically no money!

sandip said...


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