Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shame on You: Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie is not traditionally a "green" store, but I shop there fairly regularly, mostly because it's the closest supermarket to my home. My local store has recently set up a new "organic and natural" section which actually has a fairly good selection. However, the prices are not fair at all.

Case in point: Kashi Black Bean Mango frozen entree. For some reason that I can't work out, not only does Winn Dixie charge an outrageous price for the Kashi frozen entrees (most are $4.29 in my local store), they single out the Black Bean Mango, which is the only vegan variety they sell, for special treatment. They charge a truly outrageous $5.49 for this product. I can buy the exact same thing for $3.79 at Whole Foods, and we all know that Whole Foods isn't the cheapest store in town. Last time I was in Walmart, they had them for $3.59.

Shame on you, Winn Dixie! And buyer beware - don't get suckered in to thinking that you're getting stuff cheap there. Even if you're using one of their regular $10 off $50 coupons that they give out all the time, this still doesn't bring the price down to anywhere near the price it should be.

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Claire said...

That is ridiculous! I think if you brought a receipt from another store in showing what you paid, they should match the price! I have a similar issue with our closest grocery store being a Hispanic chain that charges an outrageous amount for "American" procucts. On the other hand, their avocadoes (and other produce, really) are wicked cheap so it kinda levels out.