Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping Tips: Whole Foods

Whole Foods has been trying to sell itself lately as being a supplier of low cost healthy foods, in contrast to their whole paycheck image. Sometimes it is working, sometimes not so much. Here's what I have noticed:

They now provide a free magazine at the entrance with a bunch of coupons in which are good for 3 months. And it includes things you might actually buy, rather than the usual coupon selection which always seems to be snack food only. So pick up a magazine every time you go, as you can just keep getting the coupons for stuff that you buy regularly. But read the coupons carefully - there's one for $5 a brand of vitamins, for example, but it is only valid for the 180-tablet size.

When WF advertises on their shelves "2 for $6" deals, they really mean 2 for $6, not like some stores which will give you one item for $3. However, I've noticed (and it's not just in one store) that the offers don't always ring up when you check out. Also, they have a lot of specially marked "Sale" products that again don't always ring up. I was kicking myself when I got home this weekend to find out that I'd missed out on a couple of sales. Keep an eagle eye on the sale and buy-two-for offers as they come up on screen at the checkout - in fact, next time, I'm going to write them all down so I don't forget to raise the issue with the cashier. They have to give you the item at the advertised price so they have to honor whatever they put on the shelf. Perhaps this is a regional thing that my local stores are disorganized, but it has surprised me that it has happened to me so frequently, and like I said, not just in one store. So, pay attention, shoppers!

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Miss X said...

I haven't had that problem with Whole Foods -- the Two for $ prices. Seems like they'll give me 1 item for the Two for $ price.

WF store brands are typically a good deal (when compared to the other brands) but you've probably mentioned this. :)