Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Review: Desert Essence Organics Italian Red Grape Shampoo

I've wondered since starting this blog how fair it will be to do reviews of products that I really don't like. After all, just because I don't like something doesn't mean that you won't. For your hair, or skin, or body, or whatever, a product may be perfect even though it isn't for my hair, or skin, or body. But then I thought I should bite the bullet because maybe it'll help you save money. Or at least you can buy it knowing that the product might be a bit iffy.
So, Desert Essence Organics - they do some great stuff. I quite like one of their facial cleansers. But this shampoo is horrible. It barely, barely lathers. And I know that that's a good thing with natural products, as there's really no need to have a profusion of bubbles, nor for the chemicals that produce that much froth. But this one lathers so little I can't even spread the product around my hair. I find that I have one little patch of shampoo on my head and I can't seem to get it to the rest of my hair. So I end up working it around for a long time, just getting frustrated. And it's not a thick shampoo by any means - it's quite runny, in fact, so you'd think it would be easy to spread around.
It doesn't leave my hair feeling nice. In fact, on days when I used this and the matching conditioner at the same time, I was left with basically straw on my head. Now, I do need a lot of moisturizing on my hair, so perhaps this was not the best product to pick up as it doesn't really promise to be very moisturizing. But still.
I have had this shampoo for forever. I am not one to throw away products that don't work for me, as that seems like a waste. Instead, I will keep them in rotation but only use them once a week or so. This one was so horrible that I had to force myself to use it once every few weeks. And it still never grew on me. I hated to look at it sitting in the bathroom because I knew I'd have to keep using it and that made me shudder. I finally finished the bottle today, and lo, there was great rejoicing in the house that I will never have to use it again.
I'll give it one star for being organic and not super expensive - that's about the best I can say of it. It's about $8.99 a bottle.
I'm interested if anyone out there does love it, though. So if you use it and like it, please comment!


Ro said...

Ewww! Don't ruin your hair with bad products! Shampoos or conditioners that don't work well for your hair can be used for shaving legs and pits. I've also used up shampoo as liquid hand soap or for hand laundering.

Stephanie said...

It's funny. This was one of the products I was planning on reviewing for you! :-)

I would have given it less than one star- you are too kind! We have totally different hair, too. Mine is fine and oily and this shampoo is STILL too drying.

It feels like dry shampoo when you put it on your hair no matter how long you've been under the showerhead or how wet your hair is, you can't get that dry shampoo feeling out of it.

One up side- it smells AWESOME. Very grape-y. DH was disappointed that I didn't like it because he really liked the smell.

So, I second Ro, if I had thought of it, I would have put it in my handsoap dispensers through the house.

I admit- I did toss it before finishing.

ennui-ha said...

I have to agree with RO--don't put bad products on your hair again! If it doesn't work, use it for something else. You wouldn't reuse a cream on that caused a rash, regardless of the price, and the same can be said for most beauty products (if they can't be returned, use them on your feet, to launder skivvies, shave, etc.)

elle said...

It's so funny because this shampoo/conditioner leaves my hair so nice and soft that I get compliments on it all the time. Granted, I was doing no 'poo before I moved to this stuff, so perhaps that's why, but I find it amusing that different things work so well (or badly) for different hair types.

Anonymous said...

What???!! I LOVED, L-O-V-E-D, this shampoo! In fact, I was just on the web because I'd never heard of Desert Essence before and was seeing if the company was doing well. I always fear that products I really like are going to be taken off the market or something and like to see if I need to buy it by the case load. Now, I have very fine and somewhat oily hair, so we differ somewhat, but I love how soft and shiny this shampoo makes my hair. It has no silicones, which is great for fine hair and it smells just great. I have somewhat hard water, too, and it rinses out well. I think sometimes people forget that your hair should NOT feel squeaky clean, but rather should feel silky when it is wet after shampooing. The silky feel is your natural hair - no remaining product. If your hair feels squeaky and it's hard to run a brush through it, this means there's still product in your hair. Anyhow - here's someone who loves this shampoo!

Anonymous said...

I just recently switched to the Desert Essences shampoo and I am hooked. It was fabulous!! My hair is soft, shiny and moisturized. I don't need a ton of styling products now to help tame it. I am a convert to D.E.!

Krysten said...

I tried their Fragrance free shampoo & loved it. It left my hair soft and shiny & it didn't have that chemical smell most fragrance free shampoos have. I'd buy the fragrance free one again