Thursday, August 14, 2008

Review: Juice Organics Brightening Moisturizer

I've had a mental block with this moisturizer. I've been meaning to review it for days, if not weeks. And yet, I haven't been able to come up with anything insightful to say so I kept putting it off thinking I would be inspired by something - but perhaps that's the real problem with this moisturizer. It is just kind of blah.

I picked this up from Target for $14.99 at the same time as I picked up the Juice Organics Brightening Cleanser. I've been using it on and off ever since, but it is not inspiring me at all. It has the consistency of a lotion, which is fine for daytime (if it had an SPF in it, that is, which it doesn't) but for nighttime, I tend to want more of a cream. I want to at least believe that my nighttime moisturizer is doing something special, even if it isn't really. This is too thin for me to believe that. It is in a pump container, which is a good thing as keeping the air out means potentially having to use fewer preservatives and anti-bacterials. But one pump leaves me wanting more moisturizing (especially around my eyes), and two pumps leaves me feeling like I'm drowning in the stuff. The scent is nothing to write home about, slightly orangey/appley but it's the type of smell you get if you've left the juice sitting around just a tad too long, so there's something mildly unsettling about it. There's a hint of stickiness once it's on your face, which isn't necessarily what I want either.

It's not bad, but it's not special either. Two and a half stars. It might work more on someone with oilier skin than mine, who just needs a light dose of moisturizing at night.


bleu said...

I was trying the tester of this the other day which is really hard to get an idea of it with. Thanks for the review.
I have always used Clinique dramatically different for my face. Many others bother my skin, but now I really want something natural and organic. It is really hard to find something, even some I think are natural turn out not to be.

Helly said...

I LOVE Juice Organics Brightening Moisturizer and their Cleanser and the Juice Organics Serum. I think maybe if you had SUPER dry skin, this may not work for you but if you need brightening, need to reverse that sun damage, need help with acne or blemish scarred skin, this is the perfect system. I love Juice Organics light organic essential oil aromas. They have amazingly powerful ingredients in their products for a very low price at Target and Ulta. Stick with these organic products,they really work and none of the bad ingredients whatsoever. LOVE JUICE ORGANICS!!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my FAVORITE moisturizers ever! My skin is very sensitive and I have searched for years for a great, organic moisturizer that would also help with my oily skin. My skin has never looked better since I have been using Juice Organics! In fact, I use the whole line! The Brightening Cleanser is AMAZING!! And Juice Organics also has a wonderful eye cream that has really improved the dark circles that I used to get! It's also great to know that all of their products are packed with antioxidants and nutrients and is made with only safe ingredients!

Anonymous said...

I love this moisturizer. It's light so my skin never feels oily. It hasn't clogged my pores or caused breakouts. I like the way it wears under my makeup. The smell is so yummy! Oh yeah, it's organic too!

Nancy said...

I have been using Juice Organics skin care for 2 years. I will not use anything else. I am 52 years old and my skin looks and feels great. The product does not need to be beautiful to make you look beautiful.